The Power of the Camera in Documenting Social Movements

„The Power of the Camera in Documenting Social Movements“ is the headline from a relevant article about cameras as weapons.

“Gordon Parks said he used the camera as a weapon to show the stories of injustices,” Willis says. “I see that photographers today are doing the same, that they’re using their lenses to capture moments, to say, we need to make a change, we need to make a difference, because we can’t live like this anymore.”

Democracy and human rights are the basic for truth and the use of cameras.

“I see the camera as a visual diary,” NYU photography historian and curator Deborah Willis tells PBS reporter Jeffrey Brown. “It is recording the voices and the images of people who want to make a change. How do we make a change? We have to show the evidence of what’s going on in the community.“

And the camera is a tool for transparency and community.

But free social media with democratic controls are the basic for this all.

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