Social and Street in Photography

In „The Essentials of Street Photography (English Edition)“  written by James Maher and Dave Beckerman we can read:

„In general terms, street photography is a pictorial study of the human condition that surrounds us all. This is why street photography can take place anywhere. All that needs to be present is something related to humans or human nature, presented in a natural way.“

Is this more than social photography or is it equal? Is social photography in this sense street photography? Is there a difference?

Every answer is personal.

James Maher writes: „The beauty of street photography is that we each bring something unique to it. We each bring a different viewpoint and a different focus. Some street photographers focus on people and expressions, some on beauty and form, some on the dark side of life, some on the surreal, and some on the random, existential moments that occur all around us. Their photographs are an expression of how they see the world.“

You express with photos how you see the world and what you see – you are free.


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