Russian Fairytales by Frank Herfort

Russian Fairytales is the title of the book. Photographs that have not been thought out and yet look like from another world. But of course only for those who don’t see something like this every day.

“Frank Herfort spent more than ten years in Russia in search of the mystery and myth of the largest country in the world. His latest book „Russian Fairytales“ combines melancholic realism and absurd fantasies. The photographs of the post-Soviet world are hypnotic, cool, challenging – and above all, deeply human. Everyday scenes, architectures and events unfold their individual stories and combine to create a fascinating fairytale story with a contemporary twist. ”

The photos that Frank Herfort took, collected and collated have become a real photo book.

A trilingual introduction makes you curious, but the English and French and missing German picture explanations then show that this book is probably intended for the international market.

When you open the book and get involved in the photos, they tell real-life stories. And this results in a real photo book full of stories. All the more regrettable is the lack of German texts for the photos. So full enjoyment is only possible if you can read English or French. But then this book is really exciting and a bliss when you look at the photos.

A journey through the Russian world to what Frank Herfort saw – enchanted everyday life and disenchanted present.

It has become a beautiful book that has led to very long browsing for me.

The finest photographic features!

How does the publisher write:

“Frank Herfort succeeds in taking such pictures because he has an eye for special motifs and situations. It keeps track of where others are passing by and brings the invisible to light, «says Jürgen Rink, editor-in-chief of c’t magazin. Herfort’s pictures were almost all made in Russia. They are spectacular, technically perfect and work precisely because we viewers have never seen such scenes.

The book title »Fairytales«, ie fairy tales, is tempting to contradict, because wasn’t it just said that the recordings represent reality? Herfort sees parallels to fairy tales in Russian reality. For many years he saw the Russians as positive, cheerful people who defy the odds of life. In the beginning there may be a difficult situation, but the story ends with a happy ending – just like in a fairy tale.

But although fairy tales or reality, Herfort’s pictures seduce and kidnap. You just flip through the book indiscriminately, and all your attention hangs on a picture or detail. Herfort manages to attract attention and seduce slow vision by working with journalistic means: A journalist has to seduce with a bang, a strong start, to read. Herfort does the same with photographic means. He lays picture anchors that inspire you to look at, where you get stuck.

If you resist the temptation to immediately read the text of the picture, each motif reveals at least two stories, because the photo without a description tells something completely different from the accompanying text. The crooked, small wooden house, for example, conveys the story of haunted places, fear and threat. However, the text describes the house as a symbol of resistance, in which the homeowners are the only ones who defy road construction in post-Soviet Russia. ”

This book is suitable as a gift for your own closet or for people with an interest in everyday photography. You get to know the author’s gaze and can check your own point of view. Maybe you see it that way or you will look differently next time on the way.

It is a very nice book with many options.

The book was published by Kerberverlag.

Frank Herfort
Russian Fairytales

ISBN 978-3-7356-0686-0

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