Questions without answers. The world in pictures by the photographers of VII

The art of stories in photography is to show one family and to tell the story of a nation.

VII derives its name from the number of founding photo-journalists who, in September 2001, formed this collectively-owned agency.

In this book we find different views and some long time stories. They tell a lot about the world and they show that the paradise is lost.

It is a book with photos and sometimes only a small text. But this text opens the eyes.

Stephanie Sinclair made a story about child brides. You see a photo with an attacked girl and you can read:

„In Afghanistan, Kandahar policewoman Malalai Kakar arrests a man, 35, after he repeatedly stabbed his wife, 15, for disobeying him. Asked what would happen to the husband, Kakar said, `Nothing. Men are kings here.´ Kakar was later killed by the Taliban.“

Stories like these show reality and remember us to accept reality and to look over the illusions.

But it is a book with more than stories. It is a mosaic about the developments and the interests of the last twenty years.

It is a mirror about our world and looking back it is a book filled with history.

May be this book explains more about different cultures than any statistics because here you see things from real places with the eyes of the photographers.

This book is a present for more than a one night stand. If you look inside and you think about – then you will be happy that you can see it only and must not be locally.

The book is a compelling visual history of the last 20 years. Here you find the stories from the front line.

May be it is one of the best books of documentary photography in the last years.

This book is made py phaidon – great!