New Street Photography – Streetphotography today

Angelo Ferrillo wrote in „Il Fotografo“ an interesting article about the change in street photography from „photographic genre to way of being.“

For him in-public was the most important group from 2000 until 2018. In this year Blake Andrews shot New York City became photo of the month with different criteria for streetphotography.

After that in-public stops and a new start and a new diversification and interpretation of street photography began.

Ferrillo names four websites:



More blogs with street photography you find here..

For Barbara Silbe the „pioneer of street photograhy in colour“ was Saul Leiter. Observation without Judging was his way in her eyes.

And Raffaella Ferrari quoted Cartier-Bresson: „if you want to fish there is no need to stir the waters.“

The new street photography is outside the old borders but inside the street life.

This all and more you find in the interesting magazine il fotografo number 327.

I think it is a very good number of this magazine with relevant information.



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