Meditative moments or taking photos manually with digital viewfinder cameras

Digital viewfinder cameras are now more like system cameras, in order to remain in the jargon of experts.

This gives the meditative moment of manual photography a new magic even in the digital age.

Humans have not changed in the transition from analog to digital time. Even in the digital age, people have remained analog.

Manual lenses are therefore a great thing, especially for digital cameras.

And the manual lenses have been recalculated and reinvented for digital cameras for a few years now, because there are also new bayonet connections on the new system cameras.

Viewfinder photography is more intense and viewfinder photography with manual lenses can even be meditative.

It’s a new time with new possibilities.

The digital sectional image on the Fujifilm system cameras, for example, offers excellent possibilities. At Fujifilm, the new possibilities for manual photography in the digital age have been implemented in an excellent way.

A new style of viewfinder cameras have been created there in various designs.

Where the optical viewfinder is missing but the digital sectional image is possible, the camera can be in the form of a viewfinder camera like the Fuji XE3 or the Fuji XE2s with elements of a rangefinder camera.

And so you can decelerate yourself in a few minutes and indulge yourself in peace and quiet to contemplate the world and search for motifs through the viewfinder.

On there are some articles that introduce new lenses that have been specially made for the new digital cameras.

If you want to combine the fun of photography with looking for a subject and meditative observation, then today is an excellent time on the supply side.

And this is something that no smartphone can and will not be able to do.

And this time between corona and chaos may be the right time to start.

Because mindfulness requires focus …


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