Mahlke and the Zille factor in photography

Mike Mahlke is a photographer in germany. He likes unposed situations, streetphotography and documentary.

But that´s not all.

For him photography is a way of life. That means flow.

He does not shot only in one way.

Sometimes he likes the geometrical way of Cartier-Bresson.

Other times he looks for the feeling to be there in this moment and takes a camera like Daido Moriyama.

These different approaches made the way free for a special technique. He found it doing photography and looked for other people doing it before.

He found one man.

Heinrich Zille was a german artist drawing scenes from everyday life in Berlin. He lived together with the poor and had a lot of contacts to the rich.

So he draws a lot of scenes about every class in germany at the beginning of the 20th century.

But he made photos too. The photos he used for later drawings.

Mahlke asked for the function of digital filters. He uses filters in some ways.

Beginning with the hard monochrome filter he later used hard colours. His motifs are from reality, scenes from street, events and documentary.

He calls it the Zille factor.

So the photos are more than photos. The minimal abstraction made by the filter makes a distance to see more intensive on a photo and the reality behind the scene.

This he learned from Zille. Zille made photos for drawings and Mahlke makes a little bit drawing in a photo to deepen the look.