The key is geometry – Life in the vulgarity of consumer society

It is about Henri Cartier-Bresson. Dan Hofstadter writes memories about Henri Cartier-Bresson „stealing a march on the world“. His essay says more than a lot of other bio´s.

I learned from him looking with geometry in mind by taking shots.

Now I learned to look better: I learned to use geometry for the photo behind the geometry.

Now I look on his photos and see in the photos behind the geometry very often a view to the vulgarity of consumer society.

After reading the essay from Dan Hofstadter I do so.

The key is geometry.

With the right geometry you can make and show every photo.

Not everybody sees the deeper sense of a picture but the message is behind the geometry.

What you see in the center can be more than what you see.

This can be the key to the photo.

May be this is one way to see and to discover…

If you see it.

Henri Cartier-Bresson did not explain his photos. He took a photo in the situation he was and that was the moment, made with geometry and a deep horizont in mind.

May be it was the objective chance by Andre Breton. This means not the counterpart to subjective but an object which you give your personal sense from your personal way of being and seeing.

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