How to catch Chi

What is Fengshui Photography?

It means how to put the energy in harmony in yourself, your flat and your office.

This is the main question in Fengshui, the asian way to understand energy called chi.

And there are a lot of symbols in the fengshui world for increasing and decreasing the chi in the world in and around us.

I learned a lot of fengshui before I rebuild my flat. I went to qualification classes and trainings in germany. But after that I noticed that there is a big difference between theory and practice because different people need different ways for their personal harmony.

At the same time I learned the visual grammar of classical photography. But it was a parallel world.

This was some years ago.

One day I was in the Northparc in Düsseldorf in Germany. There I saw the Japanese garden. I took my compact camera and made some shots. Some days later I noticed what I did. It was the first time I catched a decisive moment of chi.

Foto: Michael Mahlke


So one shot was magnified and I put the photo in my office.

Some time later I noticed that I very often looked at this photo when I had to solve difficult situations. My view to the photo changed my way of working into a better and relatively way.

So it works – until today.

I discovered the deeper way of fengshui in photography: you can find things in photography which help you to harmonize yourself.

Later in nature I was looking for situations with a special combination of light, water, colour – the decisive moments of chi.

You must walk in nature with an open mind, the time must be ok and all the rest. This is not always possible.

I am convinced that the secret of better harmony with fengshui in photography is your personal feeling if you see an image or a photo.

What do you see behind your eyes? Inspiration, Flow, harmony, never ending story, calm?

Only if you feel good looking at a photo, this photo can help you to increase your harmony and/or life-energy.

This is totally different from the symbolic photography with the five elements wood, metal, water, fire, earth. May be you can additionally use a metal frame od a wooden frame.

What I mean is catching chi on an image/ a photo.

And if you like the photo you are right.