Half Past Autumn – Gordon Parks

„Racism is still around, but I´m not about to let it destroy me.“

This sentence writes Gordon Parks in the Prologue of his book „Half Past Autumn“. It is a very authentic book about pen, music and camera – the life of Gordon Parks.

We see great photos from a great heart. But he was flexible and so we see more than only black-and-white or color.

„I tend to use color when it dominates, while certain photographers feel that only black-and-white expresses the real truth of their subject matter“, he writes in his book.

He was a photographer and reporter between crime and fashion and this flexibility shows his individuality.

This means flexibility in mind too.

And so we can discover life and lenses in documentary and art in the photos of Gordon Parks.

He died 2006 but this book from 1997 is a great legacy for us.

Unfortunately it is never translated in german language.

About all this a film is made


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