Framing reality – the Frame in dayart photography

“A frame does not only separate a piece of art from its surroundings, it establishes a relationship with the pictorial elements it contains.”

In Ratingen was an exhibition about the interaction of contemporary photography and antique picture frames.

This is one possibility to work with frames in modern photography.

My answer and my contribution was this online exhibition with old frames and modern photos.

old frame modern photo mahlke pictures

Another form is framing reality. That means you show documentary photography with picture frames in a digital form (which could be printed).

These frames can be an emphasizing element or an separating element of the framed photograph.

This example shows the difference. It is another way of seeing, documentary purely. Here the frame separates the elements inside from the reality outside. It is a confrontation between reality inside and reality outside.

More examples you find in the wupperartmuseum.