The best instruction manual for streetphotography

We live in a new time. More and more cameras – more and more photos. Streetphotography has new conditions: smaller cameras with digital technique more public photos means considering personal rights more visual possibilities with color, monochrome and filter Street21 – the streetphotography coaching for this time is ready: 1. Instruction manual for this new

Framing reality – the Frame in dayart photography

“A frame does not only separate a piece of art from its surroundings, it establishes a relationship with the pictorial elements it contains.” In Ratingen was an exhibition about the interaction of contemporary photography and antique picture frames. This is one possibility to work with frames in modern photography. My answer and my contribution was

Mahlke and the Zille factor in photography

Mike Mahlke is a photographer in germany. He likes unposed situations, streetphotography and documentary. But that´s not all. For him photography is a way of life. That means flow. He does not shot only in one way. Sometimes he likes the geometrical way of Cartier-Bresson. Other times he looks for the feeling to be there